How to be good- be loved by all

No one is perfect in this world. no one can be perfect. So one can atleast try to be good in you. I specified here "good in you" because one cannot imitate the attitude of goodness in other. So you can be good of yourself.

How to be good of oneself:

1. Don't hide your feeling to yourself:
  • most of us have the attitude of hiding our feeling to ourselves being lying to your own heart.  
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2.Be positive:
  • don't think yourself as a trouble  
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3. Don't be dramatic:
  • acting over in front of other make a bad impression
  • avoid lies unnecessarily
  • when you lie in unavoidable circumstances do not put forward a long creative story to prove your part. 
  • take your on comfort
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4.Stop putting over your history:
  • unless one asks about you don't explain it on a great deep story, it often creates boringness in the eyes of the listener
  • just say when they ask and for what they ask. 
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5.Smile always to the person whom you see often:
  • this key point creates you a good image in the society
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6.Finish your task as first:
  • helping others is good but don't postpone your important tasks of the day for somebody else to create an impression 
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7.Certain lies sound sweeter than the truth:

  • white lies are good for yourself and the one around you to be happy 
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thatzzz the move you want and now be yourself.....