What is death- the reality despite of all superstitions

There are a number of people in the world who are in afraid of death. It's because we are often confused for what's there after death. It's also because we assume that there's something after death.

According to my concept death means creating emptiness to your whole thoughts.For understanding this you must know what is thought.It occurs by internal as well as external sources.By internal source like the total of certain impulses chemical reactions change caused by intake of food and your body conditions etc.. By external reasons it includes about the place, its climate, person around you, the way you brought up, weather, colours around you etc.. Which will create you the the mental conditions and resulting in thought to have an action. So here I say about action so you may doubt action and you may think I said if we have thought we may act upon and in reality, we don't act to certain things even though we have thoughts. Here too we think that to postpone the action due to our body or other physical condition around us.

What happen at death:

It's very simple that when we die our whole body stops sending messages to the brain and slowly it reaches its down point to stop working. All the cells slowly stop processing by natural phenomenon our body degrades.

So where goes our mind is your question:

Since there is no more brain function and nothing of our body works more. No body function which means no more impulses no more internal function as well as no more response to the external function which ultimately means no more chance of creation of any more thoughts. Hence no more chance of any kind of the state of "I, me, myself etc of one's self-exist".