Get fit in within days FAST WORKING!!!!!

There are many recommendations so far which provide you to get fit a faster fitness solution without looking for the controversial effect on your health. So our recommendation is not to overdo with those stuff for being health conscious. Now here is some simple technique to get fit without side effects.


  • wake up morning before 6:00 am drink 2 cups of water in empty stomach


  • do workout for 30-45 mins in empty stomach in the morning
  • 3 days per week and take alternative days for workout


  • have your breakfast after 15-30  mins of workout
  • never skip your breakfast it will result you in getting fat
  • add veggies in your diet
  • drink water before you eat


  • for noon eat less than what you have at morning better to add protein foods of a limitted amount
  • its notable that a person just require 100gm of carbohydrates to stay healthy and active


  • if you want to get quicker fitness you must have to avoid all kind of beverages(including tea and coffee)
  • but it is difficult to have a sudden change if you like you could reduce the dosage and have them 6 hours before you go bed


  • drink 7 glasses of water a day. its just go crazy to burn up your calories with the intake of water.
  • it works best if you drink water on sitting straight relaxed


  • have your dinner like a beggar does it should be such that it has just removed your appetitte 
  • have them 1 hour before and if feel hungry a little of abou 800 calories before bed


  • go to bed between 10pm to 10:30pm and its very important to notice that you get a sleep of 7 to 8 hours a day

so get on to practice these get step get in your shape and have a nice day!