Stop hair loss within days AMAZING AND FAST

Nowadays we want the results fast and in an easy way. So now I recommend you the best tip which helped me to get rid of my hair loss. Not only if gets rid of hair loss it helps in regeneration of you hair in pollution exposed areas of your forehead too...

We all know that vitamin e is very essential for hair growth and has a great deal with hair growth and related problem. even castor oil and coconut oil helps in nourishing your hair.

100ml of coconut oil
25ml of castor oil
5 vitamin e tablets


heat the coconut oil and castor oil placing in hot water slightly(separately)
mix them both after it got heated
now tear the vitamin E tablet squeeze out the liquid and then mix well with oil mixture

how to apply:

before going to bed apply on the areas of hair fall or else throughout your scalp
a little oil is enough to spread out throughout your scalp
leave your hair down towards floor lying on sofa or bed for 10 mins
tie your hair and go to sleep
morning wash with shampoo or conditioner if you hate oily hair
(best when used with aloe vera)


better use homemade castor oil and coconut oil

fast facial hair removal technique